When does the season begin and end?

The fall in-house season runs from early September to late October (MEA). The spring in-house season runs from early-April to mid-May. 

My child is younger than your minimum grade level. Can he or she still sign up?

We generally do not take players who do not meet the age requirements of the program, although we have made exceptions if the child has previous volleyball experience with a known organization (e.g. a camp or clinic at a local volleyball club).

Can boys sign up for in-house volleyball?

Yes! While the majority players who sign up are girls, we encourage boys to play in our in-house volleyball leagues. Grab a friend and give this popular sport a try!

What days are practices?

We experimented this past season with each grade-level having a set practice day and received positive feedback.  See above for specific practice days.

We are unable to create final practice schedules until we receive our gym time, which happens after registration has closed and we know how many teams to plan for at each grade level. However, days of the week are typically M-Th and the hour-long practice typically between 6:00 and 9:00 pm, with younger grades typically practicing in the earlier time slots. On Saturdays, younger grades also tend to have their games earlier in the day, although that is not always the case.

Can my child sign up with a friend?

Yes, we will honor one player request, and that request must be reciprocated. Other reciprocated player requests will be honored as we are able.  The friend request needs to be the same grade-level.

Will my child be on a team with kids from the same school?

We will make every effort to place your child on a team with other players from the same school. However, we cannot promise placement on a specific team, nor can we guarantee that all players from the same school will be on the same team.

Can my child request a specific coach?

No, we are not able to honor specific coach requests, as it is too difficult to handle those in a fair way.

What equipment does my child need?

We provide balls and a scoreboard. Your child is welcome to bring a ball and should also bring a water bottle. Knee pads are optional.

What if my child plays multiple sports in the same season?

Your child is welcome to play multiple sports in the same season. We cannot guarantee that practices and games between the two sports will not overlap, but your child will not be penalized for missing practices or games.

My child is no longer able to participate. Can I get a refund?

Please see the above information regarding refunds.