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Payments and a W-9 Form

In order for the Eagan Athletic Association to make a payment to an official/referee/umpire/independent contractor etc. we need to have on file a W-9. This only needs to be filled out one time, prior to receiving your first payment from the Eagan Athletic Association.

Please fill out the W-9 form below, print and mail to:

Eagan Athletic Association
PO Box 211202
Eagan, MN 55121


Conflict of Interest Policy

Each Executive and Sport Director along with all sub-sport directors must sign the Conflict of Interest form yearly.

Medical Emergency Form

All participants must provide their coach with a Medical Emergency Information Form at their first practice. The form is available below.

Parent Code of Conduct Policy

Eagan Athletic Association provides athletic opportunities for the youth of Eagan. In order to provide a positive environment for participants and their families, all parents are expected to comply with the following Code of Conduct.

EAA Player Code of Conduct Policy

Players are expected to behave in accordance with federal, state and local laws and in a manner that respects the rights and safety of others, maintaining personal control and self-discipline. To help ensure this, EAA has established clear player behavior expectations and has further established procedure to support these expectations with appropriate consequences.