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Concussion Awareness

Eagan Athletic Association's Concussion Policy

Eagan Athletic Association (EAA) will make information available to coaches, parents and athletes to aide their understanding of this important topic. Information regarding the risks and symptoms of concussions as well as our return to play procedures will be made available to everyone via our website. In addition, we will require our coaches to receive initial training on concussions and to repeat that training at least every three years.
Most importantly, any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussions (such as the loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional (experienced in evaluating and managing concussions).


Concussion 101

A must-see primer for kids and parents

Return-to-Play Policy

If an athlete is removed from play because they are showing signs or symptoms of a concussion, Minnesota's Concussion Law requires they receive written authorization from a medical professional to return to play. Please provide a doctor's note to your head coach, once your athlete has been cleared.

For support, resources or questions contact EAA:


Need to Report a Concussion?

To report a concussion to an EAA athlete or to receive additional information or support for an athlete with a concussion, contact

Concussion Awareness Training for Coaches

All EAA coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete this training. The video training module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

1.  Follow this link and complete the online training.
2.  When you complete the training module, enter your name and date on the Certificate of Completion and save a copy to your computer.
3.  Email your Certificate of Completion to the Director of Coaches at  You will also be asked to upload it when you complete your annual Coach and Volunteer registration.
4.  Repeat the online training at least every 3 years.

Baseline Testing

EAA is partnering with MHealth Fairview to provide low-cost, convenient ImPACT baseline testing once a year at Eagan High School.

Register for concussion baseline testing for ages 10 and up on August 10, 2021.

If your athlete has a baseline on file with EAA and sustains a head injury, you can contact MHealth Fairview to have their baseline report sent to your medical provider. 

MHealth Fairview Sports &
Orthopedic Care
Concussion Concierge:


To report concussions, or for further information, contact EAA:

For Coaches

All concussions are serious. To help recognize a concussion, you should watch for the following two things among your athletes:

1. A forceful blow to the head or body that results in rapid movement of the head.
2. Any change in the athlete's behavior, thinking, or physical functioning.

For Parents

What should you do if you think your child has a concussion? 

• Seek medical attention.
• Keep your child out of play. A child may NOT return to play until a medical professional says it's OK. Children who return to play too soon risk a greater chance of having a second concussion.
• Tell your child's coach about any recent concussion.

For Athletes

 What should I do if I think I have a concussion?

• Tell your coaches and your parents. Never ignore a blow to the head, even if you feel fine.
• Get a medical check up.
A doctor can tell you if you have a concussion and when it is safe for you to return to play.
• Give yourself time to get better.
Your brain needs time to heal.