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Open Board Positions



Eagan Athletic Association is seeking candidates to fill important roles on the EAA Board of Directors. EAA is seeking diverse candidates to represent the community it serves.

Below is a listing of the current openings and their job descriptions. If interested, please email:

Secretary (2 Year Term): Voting EAA Board Member and member of the EAA Executive Committee responsible for arrangement of six EAA board meetings, taking meeting minutes, maintaining EAA policies and by-laws, as well as active involvement on either EAA Finance or Marketing Committee. Additionally, as part of the Executive Committee, the Secretary will be asked to participate as a decision-maker for interviewing and/or bringing on new Board Members, hearing appeals and grievances, and supplying documentation as needed. 

Director of Marketing & Communication (2 Year Term): Voting EAA Board Member responsible for  marketing and communication efforts. Serves as chair of the Marketing Committee. Will attend six EAA Board of Director Meetings and six subcommittee meetings. The estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours per month in addition to routine meetings.

Vice President (2 Year Term): Voting EAA Executive Board Member responsible for serving in the presidential role if the president is absent. The vice president is responsible for assisting other members of the board in carrying out duties assigned by the president. Attends background appeal meetings and addresses grievances. The incumbent must have strong communication skills, work independently, and maintain confidential information. Member of EAA Conduct Board. Will attend six EAA Board of Director Meetings and six subcommittee meetings. The estimated time commitment is 6 hours per month in addition to routine meetings.

Director of Coach Development (2 Year Term): Voting EAA Board Member responsible for overseeing the sport coach registration process and helping develop programs and methods of communicating how coaches are to instruct kids of all ages. Will attend six EAA Board of Director Meetings and six subcommittee meetings. The estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours per month in addition to routine meetings.

Director At-Large (1 Year Term):  Voting EAA Board Member responsible for focused initiatives and to learn EAA Board Processes.  Responsibilities include attending Board Meetings and participating on either the Finance Committee or the Marketing Committee, as well as leveraging your specialized expertise for the betterment of EAA.  Areas of interest for EAA include: Insurance, Capital Projects, Policies and Procedures, Social Media Initiatives, New Family Outreach, New Sport Programs, Technology improvements, Adaptive Sports and more.  Gain knowledge of the Board and prepare for assuming other Board roles in future years.

Qualifications and Composition:

Persons serving on the Board of Directors shall have attained the age of eighteen (18). Board Members must reside within the City of Eagan and/or have a child attending a school within the City of Eagan. At no time can any Board of Director position be filled by Co-Directors (two individuals).


The Board of Director’s term of office shall be two (2) year terms except for Past President/President Elect and any Directors at Large who each will serve a one year term. The term of office for all Directors shall commence as of January 1 following election.

Application Process:

Anyone interested in a specific position can apply directly for that position by simply emailing their interest to the EAA President (see below). 

Anyone interested and unsure which position they’d be a good fit for should email their answers to the questions below to the EAA President. The EAA Executive Committee will review their answers and match them with a position.  

EAA Contact:

Here are some questions to help us, and you, determine your interest or best fit within EAA.

1) Why do you want to be involved in EAA?

2) What would you say is the single largest talent or contribution that you
can provide to EAA?

3) I want to be a part of delivering a specific ‘sport’ or program (yes/no)? If yes, which sport?

4) I enjoy being a part of determining strategy and/or delivering financial
oversight (yes/no)? Explain why or why not?

5) I see the biggest area of potential improvement within EAA as _______?

6) I have prior board of director experience (yes/no)? If yes, please

7) I have coached or volunteered within EAA (yes/no)? If yes, which
positions and sports?