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Donating to EAA

Did you know that donating to EAA could be as easy as taking a walk down to your company’s Human Resources department? 

Many companies will make a charitable donation to non-profit organizations such as the Eagan Athletic Association. The best part is many of you do not have to do anything more than you already are doing to support EAA to help our organization gain this additional charitable donation.

While the amount of your particular qualification may vary, recent examples of EAA volunteers have demonstrated that companies give hundreds of dollars per year to charitable organizations. These donations are generally not well communicated internally in most companies, which means if you don’t ask for them, they won’t be donated.

Companies make these donations based on the time you volunteer to a particular cause. So, in other words, you are probably already eligible to make a request for your company to donate to EAA. Some of the volunteer positions that have been known to qualify for charitable donations from companies in the past are coaching – head or assistant coach – parent volunteer, serving on a sport board, or acting as a team parent. You can even inquire about company donations for volunteering your time at your son or daughter’s tournament.

If you have any questions about the process after talking to your company’s Human Resources Department, feel free to contact EAA Treasurer Darci Dawson

As a reminder, EAA is a qualified 501c3 and your personal, tax deductible contributions are always welcome. Thank you for your continued support of EAA!