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Volunteering with EAA

EAA Volunteers Needed!

The EAA is made up of volunteers dedicated to ensuring the best youth sport programs possible for the children of Eagan. The one way you can help the kids is by giving back your time and energy to the community. We have several areas you can volunteer in. Click the position of interest for a brief description of the duties. Absolutely no experience or assembly required!

Age Group Coordinator:

Ever wonder who creates the teams? As an age group coordinator you will be given all the information to manage one grade level or an age group. You will put the packets together for the coaches, build teams and have ongoing communication with the coaches in your grade level. The workload is mostly done up front and once the season starts there is only a few additional duties to finish off the season. You work directly with the sport director and coaches.  Requires basic knowledge of microsoft excel (sort, cut/copy/paste, delete/add colunmns and rows).


We can’t field a team until we have a coach! If you are not trained to coach or never played the sport, the EAA provides training and holds clinics to get you well on your way.

Travel too much? Not sure about being a head coach? Many parents now co-coach and share the fun with a fellow "I travel too much" coach.

Be sure and mark the volunteer form, at the time of registration, if you are interested in being Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Co-Coach. It makes our coordinator’s life much easier.

Special Events:

Helping out with a sports special event could be coordinating bus tickets to a pro game, to selling hotdogs at a fundraiser. Inquire at the time of registration with the sport’s director and find out what special event(s) they are offering and see if you can pitch in.

Team Parent:

The description of this position is truly up to the coach. Some utilize their team parent for e-mailing the roster, making up the "juice/snack" list, handing out the uniforms etc. Many times the coaches enjoy handling their team without any assistance. Talk to your coach at the first practice or team meeting to see if and what he/she wants help with.


Volunteering for equipment involves coordinating with the sport director the hand out and/or turn in of the program's sport equipment. Typically, this is done at the EAA equipment shack or storage area before the first coaches meeting and then at the end of the season's turn in. Taking an equipment inventory is also a possibility, but it’s up to how a sport director handles this procedure.

Board Member:

Every sports program needs a Director. If you are interested in becoming a Sport Director the best person to speak with is the current director. Please inquire; each sport has different obligations within the directorship. There are several administrative board positions on this Board, such as President, Vice President, Administrative Officer, Marketing & Communication, Technology and Web Support. Please feel free to e-mail the current Director for more specifics on their role on the EAA Board of Directors.

For more information on volunteering, feel free to e-mail a Sport Director or Board Member directly or contact the Administrative Assistant.  

Volunteering is a great way to be involved in the Eagan community. We look forward to hearing from you!

2020 Board of Directors Open Positions

Make a difference in Eagan youth sports!

EAA is seeking candidates interested in filling the following open board positions for 2020:


Director of Coaching

Voting EAA Board Member responsible for actively promoting best coaching practices for all athletic programs, currently eleven (11).  Encouraged to attend coaching meetings to support sub-boards, share best practice from sites such as and monitor national registries for sanctioned coaches such as  Primary liaison with Positive Coaching Alliance with responsibility to schedule and promote two-three seminars annually.  Responsible for supporting coaches in roll out of new EAA Policy banning harassment/bullying in EAA athletics.  Responsible for coordinating background checks for volunteer coaches and forwarding initial decisions on coaching eligibility.  Seeking candidate with strong communication skills and ability to safeguard sensitive information.  Will attend six EAA Board of Director Meetings.   (2 Year Volunteer Term)  (Estimated time commitment is 2-3 hours per week during peak registration periods in addition to routine meetings.)


Director At-Large (Seeking 2) Voting EAA Board Member responsible for focused initiatives and to learn EAA Board Processes.  Responsibilities include attending Board Meetings and participating on either the Finance Committee or the Marketing Committee, as well as leveraging your specialized expertise for the betterment of EAA.  Areas of interest for EAA include: Insurance, Capital Projects, Policies and Procedures, Social Media Initiatives, New Family Outreach, New Sport Programs, Technology improvements, Adaptive Sports and more.  Gain knowledge of the Board and prepare for assuming other Board roles in future years.  Will attend six EAA Board of Director Meetings and six subcommittee meetings.  (1 Year Volunteer Term)  (Estimated time commitment is 1 hour per month in addition to routine meetings.)

Qualifications and Composition:

Persons serving on the Board of Directors shall have attained the age of eighteen (18). Board Members must reside within the City of Eagan and/or have a child attending a school within the City of Eagan. At no time can any Board of Director position be filled by Co-Directors (two individuals).



The Board of Director’s term of office shall be two (2) year terms except for Past President/President Elect and any Directors at Large who each will serve a one year term. The term of office for all Directors shall commence as of January 1 following election.


Application Process:

Anyone interested in a specific position can apply directly for that position by simply emailing their interest to the EAA President (see below). 

Anyone interested and unsure which position they’d be a good fit for should email their answers to the questions below to the EAA President. The EAA Executive Committee will review their answers and match them with a position.  

EAA President:


Here are some questions to help us, and you, determine your interest or best fit within EAA.

1) Why do you want to be involved in EAA?


2) What would you say is the single largest talent or contribution that you
can provide to EAA?


3) I want to be a part of delivering a specific ‘sport’ or program (yes/no)? If yes, which sport?


4) I enjoy being a part of determining strategy and/or delivering financial
oversight (yes/no)? Explain why or why not?


5) I see the biggest area of potential improvement within EAA as _______?


6) I have prior board of director experience (yes/no)? If yes, please


7) I have coached or volunteered within EAA (yes/no)? If yes, which
positions and sports?