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Background Check Policy

EAA requires background checks for its board members, sport program directors, program board members, age group coordinators, coaches, assistant coaches, anyone who has direct dealings with children or direct access to financial information, as well as others, in order to ensure the safety and well being of EAA’s athletes and volunteers.

Background checks are performed by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) and Southeastern Security Consultants (SSCI). NSCI and SSCI services are fully-integrated with the SportsEngine platform, but they will remain as an independently-operated company to ensure data privacy and security.

Once you have submitted your background screen, SportsEngine sends this information to NCSI | SSCI.  NCSI begins the background screening report by validating your personal data through a social security address trace. If they are unable to do so from the information you submitted, a member of the NCSI | SSCI team will reach out to you directly from the email address 

After your personal data is validated, NCSI | SSCI will search two national criminal databases and national sex offender registries.  NCSI | SSCI will then also perform a county level criminal record check in the county or counties associated with your address history found on the social security address trace.

In order to ensure accuracy of the report, the NCSI quality assurance team reviews all information before sending the results of the report to the SportsEngine platform.

Once the report is delivered to the SportsEngine platform, your organization administrator will be notified and will have access to review the results of the report. Your organization administrator will make the final determination of your eligibility to participate.


 The following registries could be solicited:

  • County-level search for Dakota and surrounding counties
  • Nationwide criminal search, Department of Corrections (incarcerated or probation)
  • Administrative office of the courts (felonies/misdemeanors)
  • Sex offender registries (all 50 states)
  • National and international terrorism sources
  • Interpol, FBI most wanted, federal sanctions
  • Identity verification
  • Experian and TransUnion identification tools
  • Government records, phone directories, other civil records
  • Birth/death indexes
  • Federal search
  • Interstate crimes such as trafficking
  • Wire/financial/mail fraud
  • Cases where the crime is prosecuted federally and not locally
  • Driving history search
  • State by State searches
  • Personal references check

EAA pays for the background checks out of its administrative budget, which is funded by an administrative fee included in all EAA sport registrations.  All volunteers will provide consent at the time of registration via the informed consent statement in the registry.  

All registration data is encrypted for privacy and Social Security numbers are redacted in all reports.  Results of the background checks will be secured and only accessible by the minimum necessary number of EAA board members.

Eagan Athletic Association (EAA) Policy on Youth Safety
Effective June 17, 2018

EAA strives to protect all of its participants. Accordingly, EAA requires all coaches and volunteers to submit and pass annual background checks prior to having any contact with participants, including any initial practices. Coaches and volunteers must proactively complete and pass a background check prior to coaching or volunteering, and as an ongoing annual requirement for existing coaches and volunteers. Remember, EAA’s coaches and volunteers are not entitled to coach or volunteer.

Existing or applying coaches or volunteers may not be allowed to coach or volunteer if they have committed any of the following:

1. All sexual offenses, regardless of the amount of time since the offense. Examples include, but are not limited to: child molestation, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, statutory rape, prostitution, solicitation, or indecent exposure.

2. All felonies that constitute crimes against a person, regardless of the amount of time since the offense. Examples include, but are not limited to: murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, kidnapping, or robbery.

3. All misdemeanors that constitute offenses against a person within the past ten (10) years. Examples include, but are not limited to: drug offenses, theft, embezzlement, fraud, burglary, assault, domestic violence, hit and run.

4. All misdemeanor drug and alcohol offenses within the past two (2) years or multiple of such offenses within the past ten (10) years. This includes, but is not limited to: driving under the influence, drug possession, disorderly conduct, public intoxication or possession of drug paraphernalia.

5. Any offense within the past five (5) years that could be considered a potential danger to children or demonstrates a propensity for violence.
The above list is not exclusive and the EAA Executive Committee reserves the right to disqualify a coach or volunteer if it is in the best interest of EAA youth or volunteers. If disqualified, the coach or volunteer will receive an email, notifying them of the disqualification. The disqualification email will also inform them of their right to appeal the disqualification.

Appeal process: A disqualified coach or volunteer can appeal their disqualification by requesting an appeal hearing within eight (8) days of receiving the email notifying them of their failure to pass the background check. Within 10 days of the request, Members of EAA’s Executive Committee and/or a sports Director (or Directors) who the disqualified coach or volunteer has no past association with, will hold a hearing on the matter. The disqualified coach or applicant may present information or documentation to the appellate panel to dispute the findings of the background check and make a case for reinstatement or relief from this policy. The appellate panel may request a copy of a pre-sentence investigation, court transcript, charging document or court disposition of a crime that resulted in the disqualification, if applicable. The coach or applicant is encouraged to have these documents prior to the Committee’s request. Within 5 days of the hearing, the Executive Committee will issue its decision arrived at its sole discretion.

Waiver/Limitation: If a waiver is granted by the Executive Committee it remains in effect indefinitely as long as future registrations are timely completed and no new criminal offenses are committed. A limitation may be granted for one or more years. An internal record will be kept by the Director of Coaching for both categories.