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Eagan Football

2022 Registration

Please click the link below for the Tackle or Flag page where you will find the appropriate link to register.

J.J. Kirby

Director of Football

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Head & Assistant Coaches

Coaches Eligibility:

STEP 1) Determine if your Concussion Training Certificate is valid.

Concussion Training Certificates are valid for three years. If your certificate has expired, or will expire during your coaching season, you will need to retake the course and upload the new certificate. NOTE - EAA will not accept expired certificates.

TIP: complete your certificate via your desktop and use Google Chrome for best results.

Have your certificate handy, you will need to upload it later in this process!

STEP 2) Complete the Coach Membership Registration HERE

STEP 3) Once you complete the registration, look for an email from SE regarding your membership status. It may go to any email listed in your SE account.

STEP 4) Complete 2022 Background Check via link sent in email (sign-up as coach unless you will have no contact with children like positions such as team manager, etc)

*You will be asked to upload current concussion certificate so have it ready or say "no" and complete and submit later*

*If you are also planning to coach other sports in 2022, please mark all of them on your background check.*

STEP 5) Complete the 2022 APS Training via link sent in email

Click HERE to monitor missing items or to find links if not emailed.

Background Check Policy

Required every calendar year [link]

EAA requires background checks for its board members, sport program directors, program board members, age group coordinators, coaches, assistant coaches, anyone who has direct dealings with children or direct access to financial information, as well as others, in order to ensure the safety and well being of EAA’s athletes and volunteers.

Upon completion, you will be directed to the required APS training.

APS Training (Child safety)

Valid for two years

Upon completion of your Background Check, an email from Sports Engine will be sent to your registration email that contains a link for this training.

Training takes about 90 minutes to complete and can be taken in intervals.  When complete, an automatic notification is sent to EAA.

CDC Concussion Training

Valid for three years [link]

All EAA coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete this training (every three years). 

If your certificate has expired, or will expire during your coaching season, please retake the course and upload the new certificate. EAA cannot accept expired certificates. 

The video training module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Click [here] to review registration TIPS provided by EAA!

Eagan High School Booster Club

Middle School Parents,

If you would like to start receiving weekly emails from the High School Football Booster Club, click [here] to get yourself added!

It's a chance to get to know the program before your player(s) make their way to high school. Don't worry, by getting your name added, you are not automatically obligated to volunteer!

Questions? Please email

EAA Supports Eagan Trained

​On Thursday 01/30/2020, leaders from Eagan Athletic Association (EAA) met with leaders from the Eagan Trained program along with Eagan High School Athletics to acknowledge a generous donation from EAA to help create the best training environment possible at the High School.

Eagan Trained is open to Middle School age and High School athletes from all sports. Building a strong partnership between Eagan youth athletics and Eagan High school is paramount to our great community having great success.

- Thank you to all who made this possible!

@EAASports | @EaganTrained | @Eagan_Athletics

Eagan Wildcat Youth Football

Facebook page [link]